Khoi B Phan

Nike Connected Jersey


Introducing the Nike NBA Connected Jersey, you can
now get closer to the game than ever before.


Nike x NBA: The cOnNected JerseY Campaign
Agency: AKQA
Role: Senior Art Director

Changing the game
The Nike x NBA partnership has given us the opportunity to create an experience that reimagines the way the Young & Fresh interact with the players, the teams, and the game they love. NIKE NBA Connected Jersey: The jersey builds through curated content, ongoing offers, and exclusive experiences, redefining the connection between the Y & F and the game.


AKQA | Nike | NBa

Working closely with Nike for over a year, AKQA’s New York studio has developed the groundbreaking Nike NBA Connected Jersey. It allows basketball fans to ‘Tap In To The Game’, and get closer to their favorite players than ever before.


By simply tapping your smartphone on the tag on the bottom of your jersey, you
get next-level access to athletes, exclusive offers, and the game you love.

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