A community hidden deep in the jungles of Nicaragua. On the island of Ometepe.


InanITah: a eco-conCious Community

Located on the island of Ometepe, Inanitah is a beautiful fully sustainable community formed back in 2009. The community thrives off of volunteers who come and enjoy the retreat style community, where there is a serious balance of work and play. Formed by a community of travelers, from all over the globe, there was something really special about living in a conscious community. From diet to the daily activities, this place was designed to be a utopian society. There are three types of community members. 

Space Holders - 4 months or more
Volunteers - At least 30 days
Visitors - At least 10 days

In the heart of the jungle, exists a completely sustainable community. Everything is grown and farmed on the land. The volunteers prepare three daily vegan meals, as well as established activities for everyone. Ranging from daily yoga, meditation, cacao ceremonies, to transparency circles, and even permaculture workshops.