intermission story

A Brooklyn couple, who instead of spending money on a traditional wedding, decided to travel the world for a year instead. This our version of a modern wedding, known as an Intermission.

Khoi + Patty's life update


01.25.18 - Getting married in City clerk's office, manhattan
01.27.18 - Goodbye / Wedding celebrations @akumandra
01.30.18 - One way ticket to nicaragua


Celebrations - 1.27.18

Our wedding celebration/goodbye party will be at Akumandra with our dear friend DJ David Hohme. We will dance the night away at the new Brooklyn Mirage space out in Bushwick on Saturday night (1.27.18). Everyone is invited to come dance and celebrate with the whole New York family. Should be an amazing night that we really look forward to.

Tickets here


Part 1: Central and SoUth AmericA

Part 1.jpg

We will begin in Nicaragua, staying on an island called Ometepe at a transformational living and learning community called Inanitah. We have about 2.5 weeks to make our way down to Costa Rica where we will dance and rejuvenate our souls at Envision festival in the jungles of Uvita.

Afterwards we will make our way slowly down into Peru where we will hike Machu Picchu and Patty can meet a Llama. We will make our way through the Amazon jungle down into Huacachina, a desert oasis. Eventually in Chile and Argentina, we plan to hike around the Patagonia region. It should be Autumn there, so we plan to camp out along some of the most vast landscapes. Roughly around May we will make our way into Buenos Aires and then into Brazil to visit Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro. 

Part 2: SOuTh East AsiA

Part 2.jpg

Into Asia around July, we hope to connect with some friends in Siagao for about a month, and then onward into Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia. Maybe Bali ;) boop.

Part 3: INdiA + NepAl

Part 3.jpg

We've been talking about traveling to Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and India for a long time now. We've always been drawn to the energy of these countries, and after about 9 months, we feel it would be the perfect time to explore this region of the world. Hopefully we will be connecting with some of our closest friends at this point to do a group adventure. Fingers crossed! Let us know if you are interested in joining in!

Part 4: EaSterN and WesTern EurOpe

Part 4.jpg

The final leg, depending on how we feel and budget arguably the easier of all the continents we've saved for last. We hope to hang in Greece for a bit and recharge and eat many olives. Then make our way into Romania and Slovenia to soak in the remarkable landscapes. Continue through Eastern Europe into Western Europe by train, bus or cheap flights. Finally end our trip in London at some point, and say hello to the Arsenal stadium. Cheers!

That's all we have so far for our travel plans. Tons to be discovered along the way, but this is a loose structure for what's ahead. Our vision has been to challenge ourselves everyday. To focus on mind, body and soul. To do the things we've never had time to do. To practice patience and trust. To open ourselves up to new knowledge and experience. To further develop our friendship and relationship. To look fear in the eyes and say up yours. We are both 32, and spent the last decade focused on our careers. In this next chapter, and our first year of marriage, it's time to focus on ourselves, and on each other, and on us together.

Who is the bear?

His name is Randall, he came into our lives on June 30th, 2013. Patty saved him one day at a thrift store called Junk, and promised to show him the world. He is our best friend and lives in a hot air ballon in our apartment. Seriously. He has three minions named Paul, Jose, and Alan. Randall is the true definition of never taking life too seriously. He reminds us daily to be in the moment, to try your best to find the humor in any situation, and to always dream big. For beyond your own physical limitations, such as being a little stuffed bear, there is no limit to how far your spirit can grow. 

What to expect, we don't know where the wind will take us. Deep down inside, we know this is a necessary change after spending Khoi (8 years) and Patty (7 years) in New York City. We love Brooklyn, it's been our home and the people and the community will always continue to inspire the next wave of New Yorkers.

This is just a temporary goodbye, an inter-mission.
A pause, for real life.
To master the art of "dolce far niente".

If you'd like to support our journey, to keep the wind beneath our wings, you can find our Zola registry below. We thank you warmly from our hearts!!

x Khoi + Patty